Pre-Teen/Teen Therapy

Pre-Teen/Teen Therapy

The most passionate (and experienced) area of my work is with teens!

Parents, buckle-up! These teen-age years are hard!

As a mother of three, I understand the struggles of a parent trying to raise a child in today’s society. Social media, easy access to illegal substances, and the “open” mindset of today’s teens is a nightmare for the concerned parent. One thing I know as a therapist (and a mother), is you cannot “therapy” your own child. Professional help is essential to getting them on the right track. Developing a safe, trusting relationship with your child where they will feel unconditionally accepted and able to express themselves fully is crucial. This is a difficult relationship for even the most well intending parent to achieve. As a person on the outside of the family, and a trained therapist, I will look at the situation from an objective point of view and “interpret” your child’s inner world. I will begin to understand and treat the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are causing their problematic behavior. Whatever your child is struggling with, I’d love to help be part of their positive change and recovery.

In addition to Individual Counseling services for your child, I also offer Pre-Teen/Teen Psycho-Skills Based Therapy. This treatment offers your child individual therapy, and in addition they have a skills-based lesson at each session. With a background in partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) therapy, I emphasize the significance of not only talk therapy with your child, but also how important it is for your child to learn and practice skills to address their symptoms. For example, your child my engage in psychotherapy while participating in a lesson on: social media boundaries, decisions guided by knowing one’s values, triggers/coping skills, harm of self-medicating (using drugs/alcohol), or positive affirmations for self-worth. A take home assignment is typically given to accompany the lesson. Topics covered will depend on your child’s specific needs and goals for treatment. Many parents will combine the two treatments, alternating weekly between the two options.

*Please refer to my “Rates and Insurance” section to see a breakdown of session length and costs.

Some circumstances I help children overcome are:

▪Abuse and Assault
▪Anxiety/Excessive Worrying
▪Body Image Struggles
▪Disordered Eating
▪Disregard Of Consequences
▪Emotion Regulation (Anger Outbursts)
▪Risky Behavior
▪Rule-Breaking/Testing Limits
▪Self-Harm (Cutting)
▪Social Awkwardness
▪Social Media Concerns
▪Shutting Off From Loved Ones
▪Suicidal Ideation