Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy combines the understanding and empathy of psychotherapy, with the knowledge and basis of nutritional balance, for optimal health. It is a holistic approach focusing on mental, nutritional, and physical aspects of wellness. The recommendation/utilization of lab assessments may also help us determine what is impacting your wellness negatively. Issues addressed may encompass disordered eating, body-image struggles, and low self-esteem.

Nutritional therapy is much more complex than just dietary recommendations and meal plan guidance. It is a combination of emotional, behavioral, and physiological factors that need to be explored in a safe, supportive environment. The emotional component of nutritional therapy looks at the way an individual uses food to cope with their negative thoughts or feelings, such as depression, anxiety, or trauma. The behavioral component (disordered eating patterns or over-exercising), evolves over time and becomes the behavior one chooses to manage their circumstances. Finally, the physiological component is determined by biochemical aspects such as genetics, blood sugar fluctuations, metabolism, nutritional deficiencies and disease. All three of these components need to be explored to facilitate changes in eating patterns and nutritional health.

Throughout treatment, we will explore your relationship with food throughout your life. Factors such as genetics, current eating patterns, supplement use, diet history, sleep, exercise, and weight loss attempts, will be discussed. Together we will establish realistic goals and objectives. My Nutritional Therapy approach incorporates not only imparting nutritional guidance, but on forming a supportive relationship in which your healthy sense of self develops and you embrace a willingness to change unhealthy patterns.

Areas of focus:

▪Disordered Eating
▪Meal Structuring
▪Vitamin/Supplement Recommendations
▪Weight-Neutral Management
▪Fitness Programs and Accountability
▪Athlete Mental Health